I teach the following subjects at the University of Melbourne:

Students who are enrolled in POLS90012: Trade Policy, Politics and Governance might find it helpful to read the World Trade Organization’s “Understanding the WTO” as a primer on the contemporary global trade system. 

Students who are enrolled in POLS90026: International Political Economy and who are unfamiliar with the issue area might find it helpful to consult one or more of the following texts in advance:

Honours/Minor Thesis Supervision

I also supervise students’ research projects in honours or post-graduate minor thesis programs. Students who have been assigned to me for supervision should consult this page.


If you would like to meet, send me an email (jikon.lai AT unimelb.edu.au) to organise an appointment or make a booking online at this site.

Previous Teaching

I have previously taught the following subjects/courses:

  • The Politics and Economics of East Asia and the Pacific
  • Development and Change
  • International Relations Theory

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